Fixing Maxillofacial Trauma with Pet Dental Surgery

The Dallas Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery specialists can provide a wide variety of surgeries to treat injuries, growths, and infections in the mouth. Additionally, they are skilled in performing maxillofacial surgery to repair broken jawbones, remove tumors and swollen salivary glands, and correct other painful issues preventing pets from living normal lives. This area of pet dental surgery is focused on the maxilla, or upper jaw/jawbone, and mandible (lower jaw bone). To schedule your pet's procedure, call us at (817) 431-8451.

What Can Maxillofacial Surgeries Achieve?

Maxillofacial surgery can repair the jaw(s) after a severe fracture, bone infection, or removal of a portion of the jaw during a tumor removal. Our goal is to keep the patient’s bite as normal as possible to allow for eating, chewing, breathing, grooming, and playing without pain or associated health risks.

When We Recommend Surgery

Your pet may need maxillofacial surgery if:

  • They received trauma to their jaw(s) and/or muzzle after being bit by another animal, hit by a car or blunt object, falling from a height, etc.
  • A tumor has been biopsied and the diagnosis requires removal of a portion of their jaw
  • They have a severe oral infection that requires removal of bone and tissue that will significantly affect their jaw alignment
  • Your pet has a swollen or ruptured salivary gland that could be affecting their ability to eat, swallow, and breathe
  • They have an aggressive, invasive oral tumor growing around their teeth and into their jaw bone
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Identifying Oral Tumors

To properly identify oral tumors in our patients, we highly recommend a biopsy. A histopathology report will give our specialists important information about the tumor’s contents and whether it is benign or cancerous. This will help us select the best treatment to ensure that your pet’s condition improves and that the tumor has little risk of returning.

Enhancing Your Pet's Quality of Life

Improving your pet’s condition to enhance their quality of life is our primary goal with maxillofacial surgery. It is essential that they be able to eat, chew, play, and breathe without pain and difficulty. If your pet sustained facial trauma or has other issues with their jaw and bite, call (817) 431-8451 to request an exam with one of our dental specialists.