Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Services

Dallas Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery offers services that are much more complex and advanced than those provided at a general veterinary practice. Our board-certified veterinary dental specialists have years of training and experience in the most current oral surgery techniques, anesthesia, and pain management protocols. Below are the primary cat and dog teeth cleaning services we provide. For more information, call us at (817) 431-8451.

Cats are prone to such conditions as feline stomatitis and tooth resorption. Our veterinary dentists can provide the treatments necessary to treat these issues.

Periodontics involves the treatment of periodontal dental disease (infection of gums and bone), which causes symptoms such as bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums, and discolored teeth.

Includes performing complicated and full-mouth extractions, repairing tooth fractures and palatal defects, and removing oral tumors.

Often due to genetics, pets can develop malocclusions (incorrect bite alignment). We offer various options for correcting these painful problems and restoring a healthy bite.

Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in providing the safest possible anesthesia to patients of all ages.

cat and dog teeth cleaning in dallas, tx

This area of surgery involves repairing jaw fractures, performing lymph node staging, tumor removal, and salivary gland surgery.

Our specialists use the most advanced dental radiology equipment to evaluate jaw fractures, oral masses, periodontal and endodontic disease, and missing teeth.

We provide treatment to restore and strengthen fractured teeth with crowns, bonds, or fillings.

Endodontics is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries to the pulp (inner structures of the tooth). This includes treating pulp exposures, tooth fractures, infected pulp canals, and tooth abscesses.

Proper pain management is essential for most dental procedures. Our specialists customize pain management protocols to each patient that include pre-surgical, intraoperative and post-surgical pain relief.