Cat & Dog X-Ray is an Essential Part of Treatment

We need cat and dog x-ray to properly diagnose and treat dental disease and a multitude of other oral conditions. Radiographs give us the bigger picture regarding an animal’s dental health by revealing underlying damage that might otherwise be missed. A treatment’s success relies on the accuracy and clarity that digital dental radiology provides. Every patient we see for treatment receives full-mouth x-rays. Call us today at (817) 431-8451.

Areas of Concern that Our Specialists Need to Evaluate

  • The teeth’s supporting structures
  • Issues with the crowns and roots of the teeth
  • The supporting bones and soft tissue
  • Facial and jaw bones
  • The nasal cavity

The Benefits of High-Definition Intraoral Digital X-Ray

 We have access to superior cat and dog x-ray technology that:

  • Uses 90% less radiation than traditional film x-ray
  • Produces remarkably clear images for more accurate diagnosis
  • Takes far less time to produce quality images
  • Reduces the amount of time your pet has to spend under anesthesia
teeth x-ray

What It Helps Us Identify

With the aid of digital dental radiography, we can perform thorough preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative exams. In addition, our dental specialists can more efficiently identify and treat these oral conditions:

  • Periodontal disease in dogs and cats
  • Endodontic disease
  • Feline Tooth Resorption
  • Fractured teeth, trauma, maxillary or mandibular fractures
  • Dental abnormalities
  • Nasal cavity disease
  • Missing teeth
  • Dentigerous cysts (cysts that form around partially erupted or unerupted teeth)
  • Oral masses and tumors
  • Retained roots
  • Periapical abscesses
  • Genetic dental abnormalities
  • Cavities and root resorption
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Retained deciduous (baby) teeth
  • Dens invaginatus (a dental malformation in which the outer surface of the tooth appears to form an extra bump or cusp, into which the pulp may extend)
  • Malocclusions

Every Pet Deserves the Best

Dogs and cats with complex oral health issues due to injury, genetics, or disease benefit from the exceptional technology and the state-of-the-art care we provide. When standard pet dental x-rays prove insufficient, our veterinary dental specialists have additional tools, such as CT imaging to help find solutions to challenging problems. For more information regarding our pet dental x-ray capabilities, please call (817) 431-8451.

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